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The south of India is a very a very different place. From aromatic cuisines to beautiful dressed women wear, India’s southern states are a dream for many. And when it comes to beauty, the traditional regimes of this part of India are unparalleled. Not only are they easy to implement regularly, they are also quite effective. Try them out for yourself and see. Let me quote some of the ingredients used to nurture hair.

1. Shikkakai powder  : It is an old recipe for hair care & it is extensively used specially in smaller towns and villages instead of shampoo by most of the women. It has got many benefits like it bring shine, fights dandruff, strong & thicker hair delays grey hair etc.

2. Coconut: Coconut is considered a treasure by South Indians in general. Apart from being a major ingredient in everyday diet, coconut is also a great source for beauty rituals. While we all know the benefits of coconut oil for hair, its milk is equally good. Women often use coconut milk as a hair conditioner. Applying coconut milk for 15 minutes after a hair wash can make them silky smooth and soft. Besides, women also use grated coconut pulp on their skin. It not only clears your skin of dead cells, but also transfers its proteins to help the skin glow. The hair oil is applied daily.

3. Sesame Oil & Curry Leaves South Indian women often rub cold-pressed sesame oil on their feet to enhance dark eyes. The sesame oil is applied on the bottom of the feet. It is believed that it has a darkening effect for the eyes and also reduces stress and insomnia. While curry leaves are no secret when it comes to culinary delights, their delightful beauty benefits are often kept secret. Curry leaves are used in many forms to suit your hair and your face. The hair collected from temple is the best hair you can get since cuticles are in one direction, the natural textures are Usually retained & you get longer lengths even up to 40”

Moreover there is no chemicals or creams are used so the hair sourced are natural can be dyed, coloured by the end users who import from India& can use it. It is evident from above Indian temple hair from south is the best in the world.

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